14 February 2011

My stuff camera

It is my dream camera . My mother has her own promise . But , she don't want to buy me a new camera for me :( Last year , I got the higher mark in my English subject and BM subject too . My English test paper marks is 86 %  and my BM test paper marks is 93 % . Please don't think that I'm a clever girl . I just a normal human wif a brains and hearts . I have two eyes , two hands , ten fingers , two ears and  two legs .. Eyes is use for use to see something that is happen in out real life . Hands is use for us to type something at the laptop , write and do something that is true . Fingers is use for us to do draw something . HAHA . Simply say .. Never mind . Ears is use for us to listen to our teacher what are they talking about . Legs is use for us to walk and there .. Brains is use for us to think positive things . Not like a negative things . HAHA .. One day , my mother had forgot her own promise to me . :( Never mind . HEHE . Yo :) Yo :) Yo :)

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